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This Photo album was known to me all my life. It was in possession of my grandmother Mien Steenberg - ten Have, living in the Hague (den Haag). I remember her telling me who those persons were but I can't remember that anymore. Probably my grandmother and my mother Elly Philipse - ten Have, have written the names in the book for the future. My grand parents ten-Have don't live anymore and unfortunately, my mother can't tell me anything anymore because of alzheimer. So I have to rely on the notes written in the photo album. This written text is placed in the column 'text'. I have scanned all photo's. As you will see, the book has a lot of empty slots but as far as I know, it has always been this way. Where applicable I added some stuff, such as written text on the back of some photographs, in the column 'remarks'. If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know.
Frank Philipse, Waalre 2005-08-14

2012-12-01 thanks to Flip de Rijke, Stavenisse, for some more names.
2014-12-20 thanks to Mirjam Neuteboom-Dieleman for some names and comment.

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1-1 Onco Steenberg
broer van Wilhelm F. W. Steenberg
gehuwd met Elisabeth de Heer.
J. J. van Melle, Bergen op Zoom