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This photo-book was probably owned by 'Lidy Haremaker' (1905-1984) and was given by 'R. N. van Weezenbeek' (Rockanje) to my parents 'Piet Philipse' & 'Elly Philipse - ten Have' (Waalre) around 1995. 'R. N. van Weezenbeek' & 'Elly Philipse - ten Have' have probably discussed the album to find out who the photos in the book represent. 'Elly Philipse - ten Have; has written what she knew on or near the photos (column text). That was very nice as now we know a lot more from the book than without those names. 'Frank Philipse', son of Piet & Elly, has scanned the photos from the book. The photos slide in the pages so carefully all photos were removed for scanning and returned to their original position afterwards. A few photos had notes at the back.
This html document represents the scanned photos in the same way they are in the photo-book. The notes of 'Elly Philipse - ten Have' are added at the bottom of each page. Also the names and places of the Photographers are listed. Additionally, I added notes from the back-side of the photos and occasionally some stuff I just happen to know.
I will try to find out more about these photos by consulting people that are related to the persons on these photos. If anyone has some additional data or corrections, please let me know.
Frank Philipse - Waalre - 2005-08-07

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photo text photographer remarks
1-1 Anna Haremaker Charls & van Es & Co, Batavia  
1-2   Charls & van Es & Co, Batavia  
1-3 Lien Ludwig J. W. Salm, Kampen